The residual concrete reclaimer

FLOTMAT | The residual concrete reclaimer

The FLOTMAT together with auxiliary equipment is used to separate waste green concrete into reusable components.

Waste or rejected concrete can be brought to the FLOTMAT by truck mixers, concrete pumps, cleaning hoppers or other suitable skips. The machine separates the coarse particles (aggregates) from the fines, which flow out of the machine together with the wash water as grey water (mixture of water with fines < 0,2mm and cement).

Total recovery of the waste concrete is achieved as follows:


  • A two stage washing process in the main and second washing chamber provides an optimal washing out, with a separation cut at 0,2mm. An inclining dewatering vibration chute conveys the aggregates out of the FLOTMAT.

  • The out flowing grey water is collected in tanks or basins equipped with agitators preventing the fines and the cement from settling and caking. Rugged submersible pumps convey the grey water back into production or if required to a water treatment system, clearing the water and if necessary even neutralising it.


The FLOTMAT series is manufactured in different sizes and designs. Thus an individual implementation into existing or new plant is possible at any time.